Significant Change coming to FRC (in 2020)


I hope/suspect it’s related to bag. I very much hope it is not a significant change to the Roborio or electronics (upgrade to locking connectors or change in radio/com welcome though I suppose).

However I also feel like FIRST might feel like Stewie in this clip Replace Jackal with your choice of “bag” or “water game”, which ever is funnier.

Other things I could think of (ranging from sarcastic to absurd to fears):

  • teams with vex team members now have a 10k registration fee
  • all events are becoming ‘mini world champs’
  • field perimeter change (I would hope for riots if it were this)
  • changes in the typical time line of a build season
  • robot dimensions reducing to get more teams on an alliance
  • change in qualification process to world champs for regionals

Didn’t the GDC split into two groups so one should be working on the 2020 game right now even though the 2019 game isn’t released? Or am I living in a dream world? If that split is a real thing, the fact that it’s a 2020 change could be related to the 2020 GDC decisions about the game?



Ive got a case of slice and 10 lbs of green skittles on a new robot control system.



On one hand, I don’t know what this can be other than eliminating Stop Build Day given that it’s framed as a “change” and not an “announcement.”

On the other hand, the last sentence “Documentation will be available after the show” throws me because I don’t know why you’d need documentation for simply eliminating bag and tag. Maybe they’re really just “significantly change”-ing the way it works instead of getting rid of it?

Or maybe an across the board change to districts… I can dream…



New radio/robot connectivity method



Bailey Kahl (195) doing the Lord’s work with that blog.



I belive its related to china requiring change in the program to be allowed in china



Ah, forgot about that blog post.

I think a revision to the roboRIO isn’t impossible, in the vein of going from an 8-slot cRIO to the 4-slot one; while the roboRIO is pretty solid as a robot controller, there is certainly room to improve it (say, by shrinking it or making it more tolerant of low-voltage situations). I don’t know why they’d announce that a full season ahead of time unless they blew a 2019 production deadline somewhere along the way, but given the age of the roboRIO I can’t rule it out either.

The same blog post mentions the RFP for the radios, and while I can’t imagine how you’d get something teaseworthy from it I guess we can’t rule it out?

To throw a last not-the-bag scenario out there: What if this announcement is about sunsetting regional competitions and using some flavor of the district model everywhere?



It can’t be Bailey - it’s too funny.



I’ll take that bet, and if you win I’ll sort the skittles myself.



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Maybe it’s related to the required changes for FIRST in China. They seem to want all students to participate, which doesn’t happen on a lot of teams. The change might encourage teams to have all students participate in building the robot, operating it (multiple drive teams if possible), repairing it in the pit, etc. Most members of the team will no longer be sitting in the stands doing nothing. If that’s the case, I think that’s a great change.





There aren’t a lot of things that would fit the criteria of requiring documentation being made available to teams, but also be important enough to announce prior to a season in which the change won’t take effect.



I think if that’s the case you’ll see time size shrink.



I highly doubt it. I know we would lose students if we required them to do work on the robot - they have an interest in business, not engineering, and are perfectly happy focusing on things like PR, fundraising, branding, team-wear, etc. Additionally, it would be something that would be impossible for FIRST to control. Events are already stretched for volunteers, you can’t add a bunch more (including costs in extra volunteer shirts, badges, food, etc) just to walk around with team rosters asking who is in the pits and trying to observe who is doing work.



This counts. As long as the students have stuff to do on the team, and they’re enjoying what they’re doing, it’s all good. The issue I’m referring to is when people are already doing everything, and some students end up standing around because there isn’t an available task that they might enjoy. This seems to happen often on larger teams.



Four robot alliances, combined with slightly smaller robots.



I’d actually be very open to going back to the 112" perimeter limit.



Maybe they are upping the technology on the field and will include overhead cameras for auto.



This year we are going to a Virtual field for Kick Off. The natural progression would be virtual robots. Imagine the cost savings. No physical fields or robots. Just a bunch of people wandering around with VR glasses.