Significant Change coming to FRC (in 2020)


Change to allow inter-district play for qualified teams. Explaining the announced documentation release; this would include requirements to qualify. May include announcement of new districts-Looking at you NY.




Universal districts


“decisions are made by those who show up”

HQ interfering in that would be infuriating.


I’ll take never gonna happen for $400

Registration costs going down to $2000


As much as I’d like the change to be the “No more Stop Build Day” option, given that FIRST has already stated that this will NOT happen in 2019 I doubt they would go back on it without a REALLY good reason.

As for what the change actually is, I fear they’re going to pull another 2009 and have us playing on plastic floors or something absurd like that. :frowning:


The change being announced is for 2020, not 2019.


A second bag will be added to hold the students on your drive team. No more practicing with second robot after bag day.

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Districts for Cali, Minnesota & Wow!:ahh:

In all seriousness, it’s probably something about stop build. +10 pounds for the robots would be nice.:rolleyes:


All event registration fees must be paid in nickles. Now that would be significant change.


If anything is ever changed about weight, you’ll see it go down, not up.


I can think of two options off the top of my head that I haven’t seen yet.
–4Champs. Remember, 2Champs was started with a year left on the STL venue contract. And with about a year’s notice. Hmm… Coincidence?
–Instant Replay/Referee Review. Much less likely, but it would make sense to give lots of warning so they could get lots of input ahead of time, maybe a few events try the ruleset in the offseason (or the regular season, off the record?), and allow teams to acquire equipment should that be necessary.

I’m also on-board with Billfred’s suggestion, as that would be another likely one. However… HQ hasn’t wanted to force districts on anybody. But along those lines:

Inter-District Play for Points (and allowing Regional teams to play in District areas). Long-begged-for, always-elusive, so much so that I believe I heard rumors or official announcements of a working group to look at that this last offseason, but haven’t heard anything about the results of that.


announcement and preview of a significant change

If it was “no more bag day”, they won’t have anything to preview. Unless they’re going stream Marshall feeding a bag in to a shredder. :eek:


Agreed. Robot weight is really right at the limit of what you can expect two normal students to carry on and off the field, especially once you add in weight for bumpers and battery.


Now I know why they asked me to film that. Frank wouldn’t tell me why he wanted that video, just that he needed it.


That’s what it did last time (2004/2005–memory is a little fuzzy on the exact year). Went from 130 with battery to 120 without.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I think inter-district play for points might be the change, with an option for regional teams to play in districts somehow. That would fit the facts as known, I think. Side options for 4Champs and Instant Replay/Referee Review.


For the record, if I’m not mistaken, the batteries we use currently weigh 14 lbs. So that was actually a 4 lbs weight increase, not a decrease.


Please no ! We tried the video replay last year at the Montreal Regional Final #3, it wasn’t that much fun.


I made them separate on purpose.