Signing at CMP?

What kinds of things do you get signed by people at championships? This is is my first time going and I want to get something signed but I am not sure of what to use.

Someone on /r/frc got their wire strippers signed. I got a kick out of that.

Last year, Dean Kamen came to our week 3 event in Indiana. He signed a lot of shirt sleeves and mascots. I still love looking at 461’s mascot (what even is that mascot? Haha) and seeing Dean Kamen’s signature right in the middle.

While the general consensus is to get some form of clothing signed, I personally like things that won’t normally be washed. My team has gotten our flag signed, but this year I imagine it would be more appropriate to get your team standard signed instead.

Also, shameless plug to a picture I previously posted. Woo for getting my copy of The New Cool signed by peoples.

How about a shoe?

It’s suppose to be an alien (past students on the team designed him).
We like to call him our poptart though. :smiley: