Signing Day 2022

Just got this from FIRST:
FIRST Signing Day is coming on May 17 this is your chance to recognize and celebrate the graduating class of 2022. Join in the celebration on TikTok and encourage your 2022 graduates to share their plans!

What are teams planning? We have never done this before but I would like to start recognizing our graduating Seniors.

This but for kids going to college


FRC 2468 will be hosting our annual FIRST Signing Day on May 17th before school starts that day.

We will have signing forms for our Seniors, parents and friends will be invited to attend along with school administration as well.
Each student announcing where they will be attending and what they are majoring in. Typically, the students will also give a brief summary of their career with our robotics program.
We actually have an account on Instagram - We started the account several years ago and have been working with FIRST HQ for several years on promotion of the event.

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Here are two files we use for our FIRST Signing Day.

General Letter of Intent – Full Page.pdf (66.5 KB) 2022 FIRST Robotics Letter of Intent.pdf (70.9 KB)

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