Signing in redirect

Lately, when I’ve signed into Chief Delphi from the portal page, I’m redirected to the Forum index. When I click on portal up top, all of the “go to last post” buttons are gone (as if I have already viewed that thread). Is there anyway we can be directed to the portal page if that’s where we’re logging in from (or a way to have the buttons stay there, so we can get the last post) ?

weird, i’ll check this out soon.

Thanks, Brandon. :slight_smile:

Another quick note - it seems to be a problem with Firefox … I tried it on 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 … when signing in using IE, it does redirect to the index, but when you click on the portal all of the “go to last post” buttons are still there.

FYI - This happened before the upgrade, too.

This happened on my fathers computer at home as well, but with IE. It also had the problem of not letting me stay logged in at all, but for that I blame him setting security to “paranoid.” :rolleyes: