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I just saw Frank’s blog today encouraging people to sign up as a judge. I’ve gone to the dashboard but can’t find any place to do that for FRC. The site is set up to volunteer for specific events, by location – is there some place I’m just not seeing to volunteer for judging these non-geographically-based at-home challenges?

You might need to clear your filters. If not, I believe the At Home Challenges are listed under New Hampshire. Here’s a step-by-step guide from FIRST on how to register.

Confirmed, if you clear filters first, then select FRC and search, they will appear. I’m not sure why you have to do it that way, but that shoul work for you.

With just FRC set for your filters, click search and the judging positions will appear at the top of the list showing Manchester as the location. I have been informed that there is a great need for judges at the moment. Please consider signing up.

The default filtering will search for events around your location. All this year’s “events” have their location set to New Hampshire, so unless you happen to live around there they won’t show up.

If you sign up to judge, I assume they will ensure you do not end up in the same group as your team?

Yep! The signup form will ask you for any team affiliations for exactly that reason.


And if by some mistake you do please bring it up to your Judge Advisor as soon as you know.

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Thanks, all! I did indeed find the events in New Hampshire.

Does anyone know how the judging will go this year?
I have judged before at World’s and we do 20-30 teams all in one day.
Will this year be like that or will we be judging every day for a month?

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We expect judging to occur Mid-March through Mid-April and the JAs will work with your schedule in order to schedule interviews when you are available. We expect most to happen in the evenings and on weekends. We buffered in about a month for the judging to occur so JAs can be flexible with the Judges. We expect the time each Judge to spend to be ~ 5 hours in total but may be less per group.

From Fiona earlier this week when I asked about the expected time commitment before signing up for more than one judging program.

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