Signing Up to Mentor


I’m currently attempting to muddle through signing up to mentor a team, but I find my self incapable.

I have attempted to contact First Support, but they have yet to reply.

What I am specifically trying to do is use a previously existent account that was a youth account, and now that I am an adult, use it to sign up to mentor a team.

I cannot attempt to get into TIMS because the link denies my permissions when signed in, or not signed in.

Any and all assistance would be helpful.

both STIMS and TIMS have changed. You now sign in on the firstinspires website (on top right) and youll be brought to a dashboard. From there you’ll want to go to the volunteer tab and click “work with a team.”

It’s a specific team, and I already have met with them. I am not trying to apply for every team around me by sending an email to the Regional Director.

Either of the primary mentors for the team will have to send you an invite.

If you are able to log onto the site and bring up the dashboard then you pasted the first hurdle. Fill out any missing profile stuff and accept the waiver. Caltran is correct. the first or second mentor will have to send you an invite. Apparently you cannot apply to a team. Unlike the student side of things. Getting to the right email address is important. Then you accept it from one of the pages on the dashboard.