Signs of a tech school

Some warning signs that you are going to a tech school:

–The football/basketball/volleyball teams have a good year…and no one cares.
–Almost all of the college-level tech competitions have combined into one organization, which counts a fair number of the students as members (more than 1/3).
–All of those competitions do well–and it’s old news every year.
–“Geek” and “nerd” jokes are common and typically directed against your school’s students.
–A technical communications class is more feared than the math classes.
–The humanities are all housed in one building, which they share with math and science classes.
–The humanities building isn’t named after someone, and is the only building on campus with that trait.

Anyone have any more?

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Maybe true, but here at RPI we sure do love our hockey. (I hear they like it up in Potsdam as well.)

To add a few
–ANY non-science(or non-engineering or non-math) course is considered “easy.”
–You understand that if you can’t succeed in Engineering you can always switch to Management
–Mountain Dew and Coffee are now considered food groups.
–Ease of a class in no way relates to material, in reality it is inversely proportional to how thick your Professors accent is.
–Chemistry labs take forever.
–Chemical engineering labs take even longer.
–Naps are normal (note: applies to all colleges as well as all Kindergarten classes)

  • when your school’s name is High TECH High (Los Angeles/San Diego)
    -there is NO sport team.
  • the only sport is robotics
    -the “varsity jackets” are your robotics team hoodies and everyone knows it
  • there are a full set of 30+ laptops per class
    -your last school dance didnt have decorations, but lights and projected images instead.
    -LAN parties are more common than ANY other event and occur at least once every two months
    -EVERYONE was forced to create a “digital portfolio” as a requirement of being a student at your school.

…you have SMART boards in EVERY single class room.
…your team is the 3rd largest school organization
…the state champion bball team coach plays with the robot
…you have your own segment on the school TV show
…your school build the science and technology building…5 years later they
build another science and technology building
…a water gun is modified and strapped onto your robot, then used on the
freshmen hit squad. WE shoot the frosh with waterguns.
…robotics is recognized with the State Champ bball team and region champ
football team

–When you can relate calculus to everything–including a Bible study. (That happened tonight.)
–The school has a mini-golf event set up in the school for Halloween, and the scariest hole is in the bookstore: course boundaries include calculus and nursing textbooks (I forget what the other one was).
–Every single classroom, even in the older buildings, has a computer and projector, and every student has a laptop.

-When a class discussion is started on who has the best USB (lasted a half hour)
-When you start trying graph the difficulty of a calculus class in terms of x=time y=difficulty. (it ended up being y=x+sin(x))
-When your high school makes colleges look like childs play.

-when the only pushing is done by robots

-when the football team IS the robotics team

  • when they invest in these strange boxes made for “computing”