Silicon Valley Regional 2008

Who’s pumped for this event? 190’s wicked excited to be coming back!

I AM! 115 will totally be there…like usual :ahh: looking forward to seeing all the new teams there! :wink: 12 more weeks to go!

As always, Paly Robotics will be there. It will be great to see what 190 will have in store again, you guys always build amazing robots.

We’ll be there.

Team 100 is coming. This will be our second regional for 2008, so we should have more practice.

Good Luck everyone!:]

team 973 will be there.

Team 1351’s there and ready for action!

The men/women in white coats should be there in full force, as always. We’ve got a few design tricks up our sleeve that should bring us up a level in competition. :cool:

Sacred Heart RADBotics: Team 2144 will be there! And from the list of teams already, it looks like we’ll be competing with the best of the best. Can’t wait!

Team 2473 will be there. Less than 3 months left. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

675 will be there.

114 with more tricks up your sleeve, huh? It was inspiring to have personally witnessed your team’s action last year@ SVR when we were stationed right next to you in the pits. (We were a bit in awe since we were rookies too :stuck_out_tongue: ) I look forward to seeing your team in action again this year; 2135 will definitely be attending SVR.

604 will be there

1458 is signed up and coming back to SV this year

1458 is pumped for SV as our first regional. I always love that San Jose weather!

This will be, for yet another year, 840’s only regional… Davis didn’t work out :frowning:
See all you guys there!

692 is extremely excited to be coming back!

Well, 766 will be there, SVR and Davis as usual. Anyone else from SVR going to Davis as well? I know the two are back-to-back this year and that discouraged a lot of Bay Area teams from doing both.

It just wouldn’t be the competition season without SJSU’s convoluted parking garage and La Victoria Taqueria downtown :smiley:

Just a heads up; Team 973’s safety captain is an avid scrapper and recycler. I have never seen a kid or adult work as hard as this kid in anything. So, if you have any cans, bottles, aluminum scrap, etc… Feel free to offer it to him in 973’s pit.

He is a little special, and also loves change. He actually has learned that he can get people to throw change to get him to go away by trying to be annoying. So, if you’d like to get him out of your hair, and donate some money to 973, throw a quarter (He won’t go for anything less).

He’s very into FIRST and into safety… I’ve had people come over to me and ask why our safety captain poked them in the eye… Thats what he does to people not wearing safety glasses. Apologies in advance if that happens to your team.

But yes, he will chase change. If he’s starting to bug you go ahead and throw something… We are very aware of how he can get, especially at regionals when he’s really excited.

Don’t take this as a, mess with the special kid on 973 kind of thing… If you meet Jared you will understand that he is an asset to the team, he just takes some interesting handling. PM me if you have any questions about this.

You also might want to keep an eye on your safety tokens… I won’t air that particular bit of dirty laundry in a post… if you want to know PM me about that as well…