Silicon Valley Regional (2016)

Didn’t see one yet so I think so I figured I’d create a thread to discuss the 2016 Silicon Valley Regional. Team 5940 is thrilled to attend and meet new people!

Good luck everyone!

Help with scouting and update robot pictures on the TBA page.

Central Valley Robotics will be hosting the Webcast / Live Stream for the 2016 Silicon Valley Regional. Here are the links:

Or see them all here:

Looking forward to a great event!

I love the field view links!

115 will be really excited to attend! The top robots look incredibly strong this year…
It’s kind of a shame we attend because the livestream is always so good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really looking forward to watching this regional!

254 just performed a 2 ball auto in a practice match.

Has 971 hit a 2 ball yet? I saw that 1678 missed close attempts.

Not that I have seen.

In one match they just missed the first shot and made the second one.

Does there happen to be video of this floating around somewhere? Or, if YouTube stored today’s footage, can someone point me to roughly when in that archive this would be?

It was in practice match 5. You should be able to rewind the stream when it ends tonight.

Here this was a later match. (And I missed the beginning.)

For anyone interested by match 61

254-1678-5700 vs. 2854-668-4159

IMO easily one of the best matches of the day. Fantastic day all around, so many teams playing at a high level.

The same links above should take you to the recorded footage after processing. Unfortunately, YouTube take a while to process the high bitrate stream, so it might be up to 48 hours after the conclusion of the stream before it appears online. We can’t do anything to speed that up.

While the videos are processing, YouTube tends to just show a “live event over” message, which is a bit misleading.

Looks like there is a decent chance that three teams will go undefeated in the qualification matches (254, 971, 1678). The playoffs for this event are going to be fun to watch.

1678 and 254 will pair up just like in CV…its what they do

Hi Boltman,

I definitely agree. I’ve only watched a couple events from California (watched you guys at the Central Valley Regional!) but I’ve only ever seen those two teams together! Though I’ve never seen these two lose together, unless I missed that event. I guess that would be like getting mad about Montana connecting with Rice!

If I were one of them though I’d also have to look at this other undefeated team, it’s be a pretty bad idea to not look at a team that can win matches! Because I was curious I looked up this 971 team online and found that they have won with 254 more than 1678 has (5 times to 3)! Now it definitely seems like we are missing something here. Looks like 971 is the Jerry Rice in our story.

Personally, if it was between all these past teammates I’d go and check out each robot in person to see how well fastened together it is before making any real decisions. Don’t want the robot to come apart!

I’ll be trying to watch the Silicon Valley Regional when I can on thebluealliance but no promises!

Best Regards,

1662 is sporting an enormous slice of … luscious cheesecake? :confused:*

Anyway, 971’s shot goes over top of the thing. Defense is hard to do.

*or, did they bring that giant folding panel along just in case? Nah.

What is up with the challenge in F1?

… oh nevermind, 2 scales were given to red alliance for blue interference and thus the capture along with it.