Silicon Valley regional — FIRST day at NVIDIA GTC

Attention Silicon Valley FRC and FTC Teams!
NVIDIA will be hosting its first-ever FIRST Day at our GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on Thursday, April 7th from 10am – 2:30pm at the San Jose Convention Center. Just a few miles from the San Jose State Event Center, GTC is the largest event of the year for developers like you working on the forefront of visual computing and A.I. — you know, the kind of computing that helps robots connect, see, think and learn. April 7th is a practice day at the San Jose Event Center and we are hoping some of you can join us for this FIRST Day at GTC. Students must be accompanied by an adult, and entrance to the event is provided free of charge.

We’ve got some special events lined up for just for FIRST Participants:

A Hands-on Lab that includes Deep Learning and Getting Started on NVIDIA Jetson
This will be a practical hands-on session on deep learning and Caffe with GPU acceleration. Each station will include a Jetson for detecting and classifying objects in realtime from a live camera using neural networks.

To make sure you leave GTC with everything you need to take your robotics to the next level, each hands-on lab station will include a free Jetson TX1 to take home, compliments of NVIDIA.

Tour of the NVIDIA GTC Exposition Hall
• Come see our intelligent, autonomous machine and robot demos that includes everything from submersibles to drones that help with search and rescue to ruggedized, autonomous vehicles that use deep learning.
• Experience the VR Village where you can explore the latest advances in VR technologies and learn all about the visualization power they demand. You’ll see VR demos from 3D gaming, to product design, to cinematic experiences and beyond
• See demos on artificial intelligence, graphics virtualization, accelerated computing, product design, self-driving cars, media & entertainment and more!

There will also be a presentation on NVIDIA technology and how GPUs have changed the game in everything from gaming to movies to the new frontier in artificial intelligence.

Space is limited, so please sign up here to reserve your spot:
Hope to see you there!