Silicon Valley Regional

The Silicon Valley Regional starts a week from tomorrow, so it’s about time this thread got started!

So first off, who’s going? What does your robot look like? What can it do? Do you have pictures? Any videos? Videos of other matches?

I’ll start off:

Team 256, The Robo-Rams, will be attending SVR this upcoming Thursday! Our robot consists of a 6-wheel drive train, a pneumatic gripper that grabs tubes from the inside, and has never let one go to date. We use an arm with pre-set positions to score, with precision adjustment on the controls. We also have a boost button on our controls to maximize our otherwise lowered robot speed (Though it’s fast without the boost). Our minibot(s) vary in design, with more info on that soon, and our deployment system deploys fast with a self-adjustment system. We can hang anywhere, floor load, feeder load, and even throw tubes. Below is a picture of our robot, Rampage

And now, here is the video showing our robot from it’s beginnings to its current form. The minibot is being updated.

Team 254 (The Cheesy Poofs) is going! Our robot, Slipstream, is pretty awesome and just came back from a win at the San Diego Regional a couple of weeks ago. It drives hella fast and the tube-grabbing mechanism works really nice too. Good luck at SVR! :slight_smile:

On a somewhat related note, Slipstream wasn’t the only thing we did this season; we also built a scouting program, CheesyScout, that’s available for all teams to use. Its also hella awesome and can really help your team with scouting. Go use it!

I saw Slipstream at the practice day your team held (Thanks for that, BTW). It’s really good! Though you didn’t have a minibot at that time, I believe you have one now, from what I’ve been hearing. I can’t wait to team alliance with you at SVR! Good Luck!

Team 1868 will also be attending SVR. We’re coming off of our first regional win ever at Sacramento, as well as the Engineering Inspiration award.

Photos of our robot, Mazarine, are available at our website. We have the same drive train as 254 (speeds of 19.8 and 7.6 ft/s for high and low gear respectively), with an extending lever arm and a pneumatic clamp claw. Since the photos were taken we’ve added minibot and deployment.

We’re definitely looking forward to SVR as the highlight of our year. It’s a great competition with many amazing teams, and it’s a honor and a privilege to compete with teams at such a high level.

Team 675 will be there! After some technical issues with the field and robot at Sacramento, we are raring to go!

I can’t wait to see everyone at the competition tomorrow! It’s gonna be fun!

Is there going to be a webcast?

NASA usually sets up the webcast for SVR, we’ll have to keep checking this page for the link.

MAJOR EDIT: “The 2011 FIRST Silicon Valley Regional will be broadcasted on NASA TV this Friday / Saturday! This event will also be streamed on NASA TV’s website in HD. NASA TV can be found on DirecTV 289 or Dish Network 212.”

I don’t think they’ve ever done this for SVR before!

Match #1
971 1662 2813 vs 254 3717 2159

Check it out it’s gonna be a good one.

I can’t wait!

Unfortunately the NASA webcast for this event is beyond laggy. :frowning:

Much love to 1323 for their performance today as well as the award. Kill it tomorrow. Love you guys.

HUGE congrats to Mr. Schuh on WFFA! Go Spartans!

254 and 1538 were clearly the 1st and 2nd best robots at SVR all weekend long. Congrats on the win.

Big congrats to the up & coming team, 3256 for Engineering Inspiration as well as 1868 for the Regional Chairman’s Award!!

1323, MadTown Robotics, you guys rocked all weekend. A few shortcomings, but you still managed to keep the beast of an alliance of 254 at 69-61 and 76-65 in the Finals, so close from the banner win. Always remember how much you have improved your team and that the only 2 qualification matches you lost, were to 254 and 1538.

Very proud of you guys, and greatly disappointed you will not be able to show off your talents in St. Louis this year. Congrats on your finalist appearance as well as being the 2nd alliance captain, and congrats on proving yourselves as a local powerhouse. Keep it up! Still love you guys.

RC, you played *hella *good. :rolleyes: (I think I used that correctly).

Also, Mark Leon is by far the BEST regional MC ever. His short speeches are the greatest.

You sure did!

Anyway, congrats to team 1868 Space Cookies. I think the amount of recognition they received in both the Sacramento and SV Regionals is supportive that teams of girls are beneficial to FIRST.

Madtown was our first alliance choice. They would have been an asset to ANY alliance! Madtown, I look forward to CALGames!

Thanks Akash. Congrats to the SVR Regional Winners and to team 1868 for winning Chairman’s. SVR was great this year. Good luck to all the advancing teams that are going to St. Louis! We hope to see you there.

The Silicon Valley Regional was featured on the NBC 11 news!

Check it out here:

Thanks to 1323 and 1868 for being such great alliance partners. We were SO close to winning those finals matches. One white tube not falling off the first match and one third-place minibot the second match would have given us the win.

Big congrats to the regional winners, 1868 for winning the RCA, and 3256 for winning EI. Congrats to the Dean’s List Finalists as well! Best of luck in St. Louis!

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH QUIXILVER!!! I’m going to send this to all of my teammates!