Silicon Valley Regional

so whos going? i know its monday but i cant wait, should be fun as usual

I’ll be there for the 5th year running :slight_smile:

This will be our FIRST time in San Jose since the Cal Games , and we are reaally excited to partake with so many west coast teams.

I’ll be at the Silicon Valley Regional later this week for the sixth year, but my first as a member of Team #254. I’ll also be helping my brother, Jim “FotoPlasma,” out by helping coach his rookie team (1693) on Friday since he’ll be having midterms most of the day.

Thanks to the teams from Southern California (22, 691, 980), Hawaii (368), Alaska (568), and Michigan (815) for coming to the San Jose Bay Area and competing in our event. Thanks, also, to the rookie teams who are about to find out more of what the rest of us find so addicting about this program. We hope you all have a good time out here.

Good luck everyone!


and i do believe that 5 out of the 6 bots in the finals at sacramento are coming (114, 254, 766, 1072, 1097)

We will be coming back. We haven’t been up there since 2001, before my time. It should be interesting for those of you who know what I am talking about.

we’re coming. Also trying to somehow get a (mini) halo 2 tournament going, since the one at Sac flopped – we’ll see.

Yup. We’ll be there again. It’ll be nice not having the entire team working as volunteers. Maybe they can relax for once.

And I’ll be ditching out early for the second year. :frowning:

-Tony K

Not this year. We managed to get one of the NASA grants to go to Las Vegas. Having the cash was too good to pass up. We have a tight budget this year.

too bad. you guys did well in sacramento

I’ll be going personally, but our team is going to vegas instead. Saturday’s my b-day lol… i’ll be there… good luck everyone.

yay its tomorrow. On another note, i believe there are fewer teams at svr than sacramento this year

Wow, you’re right.

This is the smallest SVR I can remember.

I was at SVR in 2003, and that stands as the smallest event I’ve ever been to.


Any news on the webcast at SVR?

Should be up and running Friday and Saturday.

Well as of right now its not running, any updates?! :confused:

It’s only 7:30 over there :stuck_out_tongue:

I turned on the Midwest Regional at 9:30 East Coast time as well, and had to ask “Where is it? WHERE?..”

Oh whoops, i forgot that it was a time change, ha ha. :slight_smile:

sanddrag here reporting LIVE from the SVR regional. Steve Wozniak is here !!! it is so cool!