Silliest FRC Match

I misread the title of this thread as match and not merch Silliest frc merch

So now I desire to manifest my misreading into existence. What are some of the silliest FRC matches?


2008 Waterloo Regional qual 17:

Famously called “The worst match in FRC history” :open_mouth:


The ranking system was so poorly designed in 2010 that it made more sense for the blue alliance to play this match by scoring on themselves - this locked 1114 into the number one seed.


Match video is the actual match, to be clear.


This brings back some hilarious memories of running the webcast with Karthik and Copiloli, trying to bring fun to this event was a real challenge. But the genius of Paul and Karthik made this a really fun event to be at and watch somehow. We even devised webcast games to collect outlandish words that Paul had to insert into his game announcing to try and keep the fun going.


This is my first time seeing this match! Wha’s the story here? Why are there only 2 robots on the field? I’m super curious.

COTS has really raised the floor.


Do you know what the G22 penalty mentioned was for?

Robots were only allowed to go around the field counter-clockwise. The method of enforcement was that you couldn’t cross the white lines that divided the field into quarters in the wrong direction. G22 was the penalty for doing that.

Direction Of Traffic – ROBOTS must proceed around the TRACK in a counter-clockwise
direction. Once a ROBOT has CROSSED a LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE, it shall not
break the plane of the line by moving in the clockwise direction. A PENALTY will be
assigned for each infraction.

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In 2005 at an off-season (I forget if it was Mayhem in Merrimack or RiverRage) they had three teams that had two robots there. During lunch they played a match where it was robots designed for that game vs past years robots.

Because it was obvious who was going to win the two alliances decided to score for the opposite alliance by getting their tetras from the opposite human player. I don’t believe this was against the rules because why would anyone do that? That leads to the fun part… for those who don’t remember that game, when the human player was placing the tetra in a robot their robot would get disabled automatically for safety reasons. As a result your robot was randomly getting disabled throughout the match while your human player was placing the tetra in in the other robot.

The best part was the referees didn’t notice the chaos until the match was over.


I posted this recently, but BattleCry @ WPI 16, Semi-Final 5, where the blue alliance knew they weren’t going to advance and so just built stacks as high as possible (even though nothing above 6 totes high counted).


The video doesn’t do justice to how ridiculous this was. The carpet along the center divider wasn’t taped down, 16 was unable to move most of the match, and I think 348 was team that got entangled with our robot. This should have been a field field fault and replay since they didn’t actually build the Einstein field correctly.


Here is some background on that spectacular match. I have no idea why I remember this post enough to search for it a full 16 years later, but it lives rent free in my head.


Lol, me too!
I was so confused when I saw an april tag hoodie and thought it ruined a match or something.
But then I re-read the title


A favorite of mine (since my team was a part of it) is Q54 from the FNC UNC Pembroke event in 2022. We were disabled by another robot 40 seconds into teleop (they rode up over our bumper and managed to shove our electronics panel into the main breaker hard enough to shut it off), our alliance partner that was the only other shooter on the field was disabled as well, and all the robots still running were defensive bots. And we still won the match. Watch the head ref from the 95 second mark as he looks at our robot and then calls the tech foul, it’s wonderful.

My favorite part of that is when they accidentally gave the wrong alliance penalty points and then quickly took them back and gave them to the other alliance


Arguably the most fun I’ve ever had at an FRC event. 16 years later and that weekend still has me laughing.


I opened this thread hoping to see someone post 2010 shenanigans, was not disappointed.

Out of personal bias I have to add Rocket City 2023 Finals 2 because I played in that match.

Webb Robotics’ coverage of it was pretty funny.