Silliest FRC Match

Find the blue cargo

Must be something in the water at UNC Pembroke. Q45 in 2018 was silly in the “a 102-97 match at an event with an average score of 244.19 should not be this interesting” sense. But it’s a fun one to watch all these years later.

This is making me sad that the Mayhem in Merrimack 2018 stream is gone. There was a match that involved 1922 flipping over and then self righting, and the faces of everyone in the stands were priceless. I think I have the audio somewhere, but a ref is in the way of the robot.

I feel obligated to put images of the human on human match from the coronado scrimmage this year…

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Bad strategy

There’s no video of it which is a shame, but QM73 of Tech Valley 2018. The blue alliance’s strategy was to do a triple climb, but somewhere along the lines, nobody from the 3 drive teams caught the redundant levitate. It was common to do 2 robots climbing + 1 levitate that year, and i guess it just slipped our minds. All 3 blue robots were on the platform, but 2013 and 1665 did not manage to get onto the forks of 3117 to complete the climb.

Got to watch this live with all 3 Red robots disable at the end of the match and one smoking. Red still managed to win the match

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That’s me!!! We smoked our PWM wire badly on one Spark OG controller. The signal line crossed the 12V power in leads and their exposed screw terminals and the smoke was all the insulation melting. The motor controller affected was for our shooter which wasn’t being used really, but we had a spare to swap after that match.

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Check out the 2656 “big orange net” in our final match at the 2016 Greater Pittsburgh Regional!

(Feel free to skip to 4:37 past the “is this legal?” shenanigans. It was.)

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RIP the 3-peat dream