sim motor broken

the sim motor on our robot is continusly running when we enable the robot but the sim is not the ones for our drive system it is a sim we are using for a arm. could anyone please advise us on what to do.thank you

I would double check code. Could possibly be a bad motor controller but I have never seen one stuck in that fashion.

Make a motor test bed. If you don’t have the material - plug in another motor into the same slot and see if the same thing is happening. If it is then it is either electrical or programming, if it doesn’t - replace te motor.

It never made sense to me why it happened, but one of our CIMs did this last year and we realized the pwm cable was backwards. Check that.

Well, its CIM and not sim (just so you know).

If motor is running after robot is enabled, then its NOT broken. Its working and looks like its was not your intent. So its most likely programming or wiring issue. Also, NO motors should be running as soon as you enable, there must be some human or sensor trigger that turns on motor. Please checking wiring, if power from right motor controller is fed to CIM and then check if the PWM wire from motor controller is connected to correct PWM connector on roboRIO. If both are correct, its most programming issue.

thank you but we are aware that it is either our electrical or our programing but we need to know wich one it is and how to fix it

Take a picture of the wiring and post your code. Someone should be able to help.