Simbotics drivetrain presentation

Does anyone have the simbotics drivetrain presentation? It appears unavailable on their website.


Mobility by Ian Mackenzie.pdf (1.7 MB)
drivetraindesign.pdf (2.3 MB)

Is it one of these?

The website is under a bit of construction to get ready for the 2020 season. Here’s an archived version of the slides Simbot Seminar Series - Drivetrain Design.pdf (1.7 MB) as well as a YouTube video of the presentation.

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Bingo! Thank you both! I was a little surprised when I went looking and couldn’t find it. As I had looked at it 2 weeks ago without issue. Ive used it for the last several years to remind students when starting the design process what all the funny words are.

I thought 118 Flyby was 5 omni drive = H drive? Presentation says Slide drive and the H drive has 4 wheels at 45 degrees.

It says slide drive which is also called H drive, and then it has holonomic which is sometimes called X drive. I think the H in H drive refers to the actual look of the wheels when viewed from above not as a short form of holonomic.

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Thanks for clearing up the confusion: I thought H was a short for Holonomic