Simbotics: Inspire

There have been many great teams in the history of FIRST robotics. But there is one that stands out and has inspired me the most, which is Simbotics. Ever since 2006, my first year at nationals, I’ve seen the team become the beast to beat. I would personally like to thank Simbotics for setting a great example to young teams and for being a great inspiration.

Now to the fun part, I was recently on Youtube and saw this vid of Simbotics which further reminded me how much I liked their bots.


I suppose that 1114 makes OK robots but I do know that they are made up of some of the most friendly people I have met in FIRST.

However, there is a thread that this really belongs in. I am sure that Simbotics does appreciates your enthusiasm though.

Andrew, I already posted in there;) But the vid was interesting, so I put that up. Maybe Simbot Highlight Vid would’ve been a better title.


Team 2185 thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the workshop in November, your TEAM are true mentors, we were able to get a good jump this year.