Simple 3DP tester

Printed parts are PETG and printed solid 7 perimeters 100% infill You mount the part between the scale and the U shaped holder (there will be a range of them
Video of it in action. I had to stop it as it became to difficult to hold the phone and the tester and crank the wrench the part in the machine is HIPS the thickness is 5x5 mm with a 1mm filet on each corner. It failed when I crossed 85 lb. The reason for that shape is cause we use a lot of 5x5 posts with 1 mm fillets and also 5x10, 8x8 etc. So initially I will test them in all sizes until we see that a 5x10 is really 2x as strong than a 5x5 etc The scale is rated up to 300 kg (660 lb). I hope it will allow me to get good data as to the strength of different materials and printing techniques. At some point when I have collected enough experience doing it by hand there most likely will be a motorized, arduino controlled one in the future


Files and parts here

Back to the drawing board as we had a failure after testing succuessfully about 20-30 times (26 recorded ones and a couple to get “my feet wet”) Here is a short video showing it and its operation and what failed

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Fine pitch threads of the bolt maybe aren’t the greatest for that, moving to something like a proper threaded rod for linear motion might solve the problem.

Yeah I think so probably 1/2 in coarse or something like that. That sometimes happens if you use what’s lying around. But if you would have asked me what would break first I probably would have pointed at some plastic part and not the steel bolt

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Eh, it looked mostly like it was just threads failing. Your plastic parts are around 100x thicker, so I guess it makes sense they didn’t fail.

yes I agree. Project is on the shelf atm as I am busy printing for rapid react. But no more threads probably replace it with a worm drive and winch / belt kinda setup or maybe a rack and pinion or something like that

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