Simple Custom Video Dashboard 30+ FPS

I’ve made a dashboard in C# that uses the stock camera code. I get 30 FPS with their newest code.

I’ve attached the executable and source code.


.NET 4.0 Framework

How To Use
Set the drop down list to Tcp as that is currently the only supported format.
Set the text box with “Robot IP Goes Here” to your robot’s IP.

It will take about three seconds to show video. (9.04 KB) (69.8 KB) (9.04 KB) (69.8 KB)

Thank you very much, that code was very useful, but just a few questions, first, why would you use XAML and not a regular windows form, second what is the reason for 2 classes, you can just put the content of Reciever in TcpListener and just use the thread within TcpListener itself.

I hope you dont mind if I use your code in my own program with many modifications ;), I willll be sure to release it with credit :D.

I’m using Wpf which requires Xaml. Wpf is supposed to be hardware accelerated by direct 2D.

I split up the recievers because I also had a Udp receiver and I still may add that.

Thanks for the reply, I dont think you want to add a UDP reciever because UDP is prohibited during matches, the block the network (UDP network), or atleast I heard so. They use UDP to switch Autonomous from OperatorControl and so they dont want any UDP traffic other than their own.

I know I made a UDP video server and the GDC said it was illegal.

It’s still useful if you want to read userdata sent from the cRIO to a custom dashboard. That data is sent over UDP as part of the “official” communications protocol.

Can you please post a Ubuntu-Mono friendly version?

why it is using .Net 4? I like to try to make my programs use .net 2 for greatest compatibility. You can use 3.0 for WPF


Great program! Works really well for the COMETS!


I don’t know what version of .NET the computer came with so I installed 4.0. I believe that the computer I tested it on only has 3.5, but I am not sure.

He is probably using Visual Studio 2010 like me, its default configuration is to make .NET 4.0 applications, but there is an option during the Project Wizard on which .NET to use, as low as 2.0 or 1.0 I believe, but I forget :D.

can you please post a version that is compatible with mono?

although I applaud your open-sourceness, Mono has no (current) desire to implement WPF (, so you would have to do a lot of work

I’ve commented the code. I’m just slightly confused as to why you want to run it on Ubuntu especially since we all got tiny little 2Go computers with XP. (9.08 KB) (45.1 KB) (9.08 KB) (45.1 KB)

I am using Visual Studio 2008. I used beta Visual Studio 2010 when it was extremely slow and have no interest in returning until official release.

Thanks a lot. I choose to use Ubuntu because I do not want to have programs I make today compatible with computers that run in 40 years, m$ probably will not survive if Linux really takes off.

Don’t turn this into a Microsoft v. Linux flamewar. It has nothing to do with the dashboard.

That was my first concern, making sure the 2010 Breakway Dashboard runs in year 2050 under Linux version 35.6. What?

Unless you have anything useful to say, go dump on Microsoft somewhere else. Remember that you’re representing your team here to the entire FIRST community.