Simple Database (Ideally with GSuite integraiton)

I have an idea for a simple database for my team that would only need basic r/w operations (think editable form for each record, nothing much more). In the past, when I have needed something for personal reasons, I would stick it into an Access Database, Sharepoint list, or PowerApps CDS. However, my team and our school exists completely in a GSuite/Google world. I am looking for a database back-end/system that will allow for super fast creation of a simple database.

I have done stuff with Firebase in the past, and know a fair number of back-end languages, but I would like something that could be deployed ideally in a number of days with minimal time required (this app isn’t worth a large amount of time). Do you have solutions? I am looking for something that has:

  • Very short development time
  • Very little cost of operation (ideally <= $5 month)
  • Doesn’t require the deployment of Office/365 within the team.
  • Has the ability to have text entry and drop downs

If it would help, I am working on a prototype in Access and can publish the file once it is in a state that can communicate the idea. I can do the app in Firebase/HTML-CSS-JS/NodeJS if that is the fastest solution. Thank you so much for your help.

You could make a janky db with the Google Sheets API, to be honest. It’s doable. Deployment via Heroku (and using a full stack framework like Django or Rails) is an alternative that you could likely figure out with your amount of experience, but it can get pricey rather quick.

It’s a little janky, but for what you’re describing, my recommendation would be to build a front-end form to submit to / read from Google Sheets, and host that front-end somewhere (GitHub pages, maybe?).

Ok. Thank you so much for your help. I will look into it

For straight data entry, Google Forms tied into a google sheet. You can then get creative in the sheet as much as you want. It’s really easy, for example, to do scouting this way. A bunch of data input into one tab, and then a bunch of formulas to massage that data into a more usable form in a separate tab. Set everything up ahead of time and just use at competition (assuming you have internet access).

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