simple joystick question

howdy –
for general driver ease we were lookin into using that cool button on the side by the thumb but i cant seem to find which var it corresponds to - anybody know?

~ Kris

its px(where x is joystick number_wheel. Youll have to find out which values correspond to which positions though

yea – i know bout the aux buttons and the wheel – i’m talkin bout the button on the side, where the thumb rest is …

It may not be wired by default. I suggest you open the joystick and test the switch for continuity with respect to the digital control pins on the OI joystick ports. Shouldn’t take too much time.

p1_sw_top //on joystick port 1

In the white controller that first provided, I believe that button in p1_sw_top.
The ones on the opposite side of the trigger are p1_sw_aux1 and p1_sw_aux2 depending where the joystick in plugged in. (ie. p2_sw_top if it’s plugged in port 2).

hope that helped.