Simple Teleop Simulator

I decided to create a simple Java UI simulator last night for the 2018 competition based on the quick reading of the rules up to this point. This is primarily designed with the idea that students ‘act out’ a 3v3 simulation in “real-time” with a set of “robots” (humans) that have potentially various abilities and how would couches or drive team react to certain scenarios. Imagine a gym marked out as the game field, with stand-in game pieces and folks walking around at near robot speeds.

Think of this as a basic visual FMS (the referees input). It randomizes the reb/blue positions and allows one to place blocks in the various positions based on what happens in the real world simulation. All the while counting game time down and calculating a score.

I certainly have not debugged this in it’s entirety. DO NOT ASSUME THIS IS ACCURATE. For example, I did not add the concept of queueing powerups but will try and do that today / tonite. This is a key element of the game that is missing - maybe many others?

Happily will take pull requests and apologies for the sloppiness. It’s down & dirty code to see what this game might feel like. Let me know if you find it useful to your strategizing!

Very cool! Thank you for this!

I do have a question about your code though. In your code, you have several classes, such as, that contains several methods which all you do is return an integer, or something of the sort. What exactly are those methods used for?