At the Kick off someone mentioned something a drive train simulator and i havent heard anything since…any news on it?

You’re asking about the 5th Gear simulator. They’re working on it… I’m 100% sure that the official announcement will be copied here within moments of release.

Take a look here: Link to recent 5th Gear discussion
and here: 5th Gear discussion with links to other FRC simulation threads


The discussions on those threads end at the beginning of this month. Does anyone have more information on the simulator aside from what are in those threads? The expected release was 2-3 weeks and it has been 3, so just curious if they dropped it this year and plan on releasing next year, or if they’re almost good to go.

Thanks for the info!

Caio - Did you notice that I am one of the developers? :wink:

The original plan was and has been to release it about halfway through the build season. Our true target was last Tuesday; but… the real world got in the way just a bit last week and …

As I wrote in another thread (Other thread)- The real-user code is tee’ed up, and folks are making sure the docs are in order before making the release.

FYI: If you (and anyone else reading this) have time for a short teaching moment - Look at it from our point of view, at least three threads have popped up, in addition to the one we created last season - Updating them separately is a pain in the neck - That is why I point everyone to the two you looked in. When there is news from me/us, it will appear in one of them. Keep an eye on them and remember to tell your friends to always search before starting a new thread. :slight_smile:

PS: Lockheed Martin folks in Belleview helped develop this year’s version, and they might put on a 5th Gear exhibit at the Seattle Regional. Are you headed there this year?

AAAAWWESOME. Now I’m really excited. I really hope they might put it on exhibit at our regional! That would indeed be cool.

Blake: I did notice you were one of the devs. My apologies for not reading more carefully on the news and updates. I understand that it is difficult to continually read all these threads and keep writing the same thing in all of them referring to the original threads.

Yes, I’ll be in Seattle, both as SWAT and as an ambassador. I really look forward to seeing it if we’re so lucky as to have a demo. If the people there need any help from people in Seattle, let me know. I’m mentoring two teams this year, as well as trying to pull together the Seattle/Oregon forces again for this years competition.

Good luck with the code, hope no more “life” gets in the way :wink: I lost mine the first time I joined a FIRST team :smiley:



Let’s use this Thread for 5th Gear Q&A (5th Gear thread)

Blake (One of the 5th Gear developers)


This is Leo Salemann, SW Manager at Lockheed Martin/Bellevue, WA; and an associate of Blake. We will indeed have a booth in Seattle/Key arena, showing 5th Gear. We should be up by 3pm Fri 3/27, and we’ll go 'till Sat closing, 3/28. Players/helpers welcome.

– Leo