Simulink swrve drive

Hi friends
I hope everyone is doing well, I was wondering if any of you would have your simulink files available from your swerve drive projects.
Thanks, I hope I don’t bother anyone. (all your projects are fantastic)


I’m not aware of anyone using Simulink to simulate a swerve drive in FRC. Is this for a school project or FRC?

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that’s right friend, it’s for a school project


Apparently the F1 steering wheels run mostly on Simulink, so maybe its just FRC that’s elitist like that?

I guess we have the LabView complex too.

Regardless @op, FRC people specifically likely won’t be able to help. There may be some overlap with other fields but your odds on CD aren’t great. I really don’t know where would be better though.


Hello Friend,
I appreciate your answer, to tell the truth I am trying to understand the kinematics and dynamics of the swerve drive in simulink, in addition to the trajectory control.
I hope I don’t disturb anyone.
Thanks friends

You might find this paper helpful- it won’t help with the simulink, but it describes the kinematics behind swerve.

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