single bumper

last year we made out bumpers a single rectangular piece that did not come apart when we took it off. Is this still allowed because I dont see anything saying

I wouldn’t see why not. Although, I think it would be much easier to install them in halves, perhaps left and right halves.

I would say yes, provided that there were no hard parts in the corners (<R07-C>) and no other rules were violated. Thought I’d seen something in the Q&A, but I didn’t find it when I checked just now.

There is a rule, <R07-D> that states: “BUMPERS segments must have a minimum length of six inches (as defined by the BUMPER backing), and a maximum length that does not exceed the maximum horizontal dimension of the robot (except for the soft cushion in the corner, as permitted by Rule <Ro7-C>)”

to me, that means that you can’t have one bumper, because one bumper around the entire robot means that it would exceed the maximum horizontal dimension of the robot…

our team 1823 has a similar question regarding frames/bumpers.
does anyone have a clear guideline on whether or not a U shaped robot would be legal?
in the year we picked up orbit balls, the rules were very similar if not identical (ie each bumper at least 6 inches) which legally allowed for an opening in the front perimenter of the robot that was approx 12 inches (ie robot was 24 inches wide, had two six inch bumpers on either side of a 12 inch opening on the leading/front edge).

The BUMPER rules were not the same in Lunacy. The 6" segment rule was there, but this year there is a requirement of 100% of the FRAME PERIMETER being covered by BUMPERS. That requierment was new last year.

The short answer is, no a U-shaped robot is not legal this year. You must have a bumper that covers 100% of the robot FRAME PERIMETER between 1 and 7 inches off the ground.

I know for a fact that 118, the Robonauts, used a single bumper configuration exactly like what you are talking about. It looked like it worked extremely well, and they were able to change colors in less than a minute, which is impressive in my perspective.

I understand that you cannot have a bumper segment longer than the widest dimension of your robot, but I believe each of the segments were separated except for the corner brackets.

Check it out here:

And here:

When say “single bumper” or “single rectangular piece”, I am assuming that what you mean is that you connected the bumper segments together at the corners so that they could be manipulated as a single entity, not that you had a single, rectangular bumper segment with a backing made from a single piece of wood.

If that is what you are talking about, I believe that you will be OK as long as each individual bumper segment - defined by the bumper backing - meets the requirements for a bumper segment.

Actually yes. I believe they had one piece that was not disconnected at all, so they placed it on the robot, connected them to the robot frame and went. They had them laying around in the pits at Florida and Atlanta, where I took a close look at them both times, thinking that they were illegal both times. :stuck_out_tongue:

The actual plywood pieces were not connected, but the bumpers were all connected in some way.

Check out the picture from TBA and the gold piece you see inline with the bumpers is a part if the bumpers itself.

Do not take my word for this, as I am not positive, but I am pretty sure about this.

I interpret the bumper rule under these paragraphs…
I. Each set of BUMPERS (including any fasteners and/or structures that attach them to the ROBOT) must weigh no more than 20 pounds.
J. BUMPERS must be designed for quick and easy installation and removal, to aid in weighing and inspection.
K. BUMPERS must attach to the FRAME PERIMETER of the ROBOT with a rigid fastening system to form a tight, robust connection to the main structure/frame (e.g. not attached with Velcro). The attachment system must be designed to withstand vigorous game play. All removable fasteners (e.g. bolts, locking pins, pip-pins, etc.) will be considered part of the BUMPERS.

If a multi-part attachment system is utilized (e.g. interlocking brackets on the ROBOT and the BUMPER), then the elements permanently attached to the ROBOT will be considered part of the ROBOT, and the elements attached to the BUMPERS will be considered part of the BUMPER. Each element must satisfy all applicable rules for the relevant system.

The references in each paragraph seem to apply to both a single bumper assembly and one that is applied in parts to the robot frame. I would think your bumper would pass inspection if all other sections of the bumpers rules are satisfied including that no hard parts extend into the corners of the bumper.

It should work. The bumper still needs to be in the correct dimentions, though.