Single button function execution

Hey all. Let me first clairify, I’ve searched for this to the best of my knowledge…

I have a VEX flamethrower robot, currently I have channel 5 set to light my butane pilot light, and channel 6 to spray ether into the flame. I would like to be able to use only one channel to do this (i.e. channel 6 down would light the flame, up would spray), but naturally I can’t hold both buttons at once with the code I have, since it just negates everything.

Make sense?

My question: **Can I just make the four buttons on the back of the controller act totally independent of each other, so they can run different functions (simultaneously)?
Oh, by the way, Video of the “HOTBot” and Pictures

As always, help is appreciated, I realize with the kickoff looming, everyone is going nuts (as am I!)


Why don’t you use a delay?
Have it light the lighter then wait 500ms and then start spraying.
When you release you can have them shut everything down together.

Cool Robot.

Younno, not a bad idea. I need to get a light sensor (or thermocouple) in place to check and make sure that the lighter is on before fuel gets sprayed.

Thanks for the idea.

Edit: Thanks, Glad you like it!