Single Day Design Challenge: Aug 24: It's going to be an amazing day!

Single Day Design Challenge: Aug 24: It’s going to be an amazing day

Watch the Single Day Design EV3 Challenge Aug 24: Watch on Twitch.TV

On Aug 24, sixteen advanced FIRST LEGO League teams from MD, NJ, PA, VA and WV will be competing in the pilot of the Single Day Design Challenge. These teams won’t have weeks to prepare, they will only have four hours to devise a solution to the challenge and then compete in the afternoon. And they are competing for real dollars! Join us for the kick off of this event and game reveal at 7:45am US Eastern Time on Sat, Aug 24. Then watch the teams furiously try to solve the challenge.

You can read all about it here:

You can watch it here:

Join us!

At about 7:50 am US Eastern you will be able watch the game reveal video and purchase mat and parts lists. Just look for a link on the site header.

Please share this with friends far and wide! Hope to see you at the event!


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