Single Event Fantasy FIRST For Champs 2023

After a few grueling hours of copy pasting and bug fixing across 8 divisions worth of spreadsheets and forms, the Single Event Fantasy FIRST at championships have been completed. The single event form of Fantasy FIRST is meant to be an accessible way to make scouting on Practice Day (Wednesday) more fun, previousl run with great success at the North Star and 10,000 Lakes Regional. More details surrounding it’s creation can be found in this thread. All of the divisions with the entry forms can be found in this linktree.

New for this event is a live scoreboard, which while still can only be manually sorted by me, should give the real time standings, as I won’t be able to periodically email out results. The standings can be found here.

At 10,000 lakes, a couple incredible people (thank you again!) donated some prizes for the winners, and because it makes it more fun, if anybody would like to donate small prizes for winners of a division of choice, let me know. It would be greatly appreciated!

Good luck to all competing at Champs this week!


I forgot to mention the EPA Tiers for picks in the original post!

For Championships, they are as follows:

First Robot: Any EPA
Second Robot: <60 EPA
Third Robot: <60 EPA
Fourth Robot: <50 EPA
Fifth Robot: <50 EPA
Sixth Robot: <45 EPA

These changes were made to hopefully help accommodate the deeper field.

Also of note, teams stuck in the “None Division” still have yet to be assigned divisions, so i may be wise to hold of entries until those are released.


Thanks for setting this up! I submitted my picks for Galileo.


This is such a great idea!! Our team is super big and we are always looking at getting students more immersed in the game. Well we aren’t going to worlds this year this will be a great thing to keep students engaged in the first program!

Thank you! The entire goal of this has been to help engage all students through something fun – no matter what role they have or what team they’re on!

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For those holding out creating entries until the None Division folks were assigned, the backend has been officially updated to include those teams!

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Could you add a sum leaderboard tab to sum people’s scores across the eight divisions?

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Thank you for setting up this fantasy event.

People who filled out the sheet after the schedule release have a big advantage with the Statbotics simulations.

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They definitely do in some regards – if they chose to use it. I was split on whether or not to close entries on schedule release – but at the end of the day it is casual fun and no one is being forced to submit before release, so in the effort of allowing as many people to enter, the deadline is pushed to the start of quals. If you would like to change a pick because of the schedule, you can let me know and I’ll do my best to get it changed!

I can try to do that if I can get my homework done first – missing 3 days of school is gonna be pretty brutal for me – but I’ll see what I can do

The leaderboard is currently broken, and I am aware of the situation. I’ll be hopefully able to fix it tonight.

Update: I’ve been able to fix it. Yet another case study in sloppy coding leading to unintended consequences: The Points Calc tab didn’t extend past for 61 teams, as when I made it, I never thought I’d be using it past a regional. Oh how wrong I was…

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