Single Motor Programing Question

Since we already used 4 of the CIM motors for the drive, we are only allowed to use 1 for the kicker.
I searched the java libraries but the only thing i can see to control a motor thats not a servo motor is only the RobotDrive, but that doesnt have a constructor for only 1 motor
How can i program a single motor?

Pretend it is a drive motor for the left side, and let it talk to only one PWM output.

Take a look at the Jaguar or Victor class. These are used to control a single motor. In fact, RobotDrive by default creates two or four instances of Jaguar.

For example:

Jaguar motor = new Jaguar(5);  // Motor connected to Jaguar on PWM #5
Joystick stick = new Joystick(2);

// operator control:
motor.set(stick.getY()); // set the motor output to Y-axis input on Joystick #2