Single Solenoid Valve SMC

It seems that our Single Solenoid Valve from SMC has no power cord! This has created somewhat of a problem because without power… IT DOESN"T WORK. Is anyone else missing this key piece in their pnuematics kit? We searched for a VERY long time, and still can’t find it. Thanks
-Team 271

As far as we know, we have everythign! :slight_smile:

  • Katie

the power cord for the single comes discontected and is rather small. if you cant find it you might have to order a replacement or build your own. good luck.

The connector we got, a little black plastic piece with three locations in a row, with 6" of black / red joined wire going into the middle and one of the ends, was not shipped attached to the valve. If memory serves (?) it was not even in the same bubble pack but loose in a bag.

.].].]connector with clip to rear.

excuse the ascii graphics