Site Check

Well, I just finished a redesign of our site and since I want some helpful opinions about it I decided to ask actual robotics people. Please give me your honest opinions.
Gila Monsters Website

It looks really good…Very nice.

If you’re looking for critisism…I would say this:

Be careful making a website that needs 1024768, and a P2, etc. For most of us here that probably isn’t a problem, but for the average computer person you probably would want to make sure it will run decently in 256 colours @ 800600 (also can’t forget Mac users…well, sure we can…)

Also, I don’t know if it is suppose to be like this or not, but where the links are on the people, I can see a faint bit which is around the link and extends out to the left for some distance which is slightly lighter than the rest of the pic. It’s like a rectrangle.

Now that stuff ^ is being very picky…lol…It’s a great site!

Actually I have no clue what the minimum requirements are to see the site perfectly so I just chose the settings that I checked them out with. I am sure that the site will be visible in all it’s splendor to people with 256 colors since everything there is in gif form which doesn’t exceed more than 64 colors the way I have it set. Yes the lighter rectangle box thing is intentional, does it look bad or out of place? I thought that it was helping to distinguish the links from the rest of the site. Thanks for the time though, I really appreciate it.

Just to make sure I checked it out with 800 x 600 and it fits perfectly. I can’t check it out in 256 colors because my graphics card won’t go that low. I can only choose 16 bit or 32 bit color (ha ha ha).

I doesn’t look right on 256 for me…I just checked it.

And the boxes don’t look bad…I just noticed them, didn’t know if they were intentional or not.

Oh well, robotics should be for the technological elite so if they can’t handle higher than 256, let them see a weird version. I actually just don’t want to fix it for 256 people.

The sites lookin sweet… the colors are definitely not for morning people to view @ 6am tho… it’ll drive ya blind… and how ya do it… its it all dynamically called up on each load for the news and schtuff? is it all just pure html? THE INQUIRING PUBLIC MUST KNOW!!! :smiley:

It’s just pure HTML except for the scroll thing which is javascript controlling a layer’s position and visibility. You should check out the code, the scroll feature is really nice.

yea… i’ve seen it… its just a matter of Netscape… its never really liked it when I do fancy stuff… plus… for all the Lynx, Opera, etc… users… i try and be nice to them too…