Site Exceeds Limits!?

Streamline is saying that the site is exceeding size limits and wont allow anymore uploads! Calling Autodesk to find out if they can fix this before the deadline.

I am having the same problem, I can’t call them but I am sending an e-mail, hopefully it will be fixed soon.


BTW what phone number are you using?


I used the phone number that was in the error, they said the Site Admin had to do the cleaning up of the site, so then I called FIRST HQ and they gave me the email address of the Admin of the AVA. So hopefully they will be extending the deadline to make up for this. Have to leave for work so I wont be here if/when the uploads can start again. :ahh:

I just got the same reply from Autodesk. He said that no one would be able to upload today. If anyone gets word about how FIRST is handling this, please post.

Well it looks like she got the message, uploads are back up! And before i had to leave :smiley:

Uploads are now working, but the delay was such that my uploads will be just a little after the deadline. Here’s hoping FIRST will be merciful on us.

Edit - Okay, it looks like my animation is going to be over an hour past the deadline. The same thing happened last year, except it wasn’t fixed nearly as quickly. Last year they were pretty lenient about the deadline - How about this year?

:confused: How lenient were they last year? :confused:

Well, last year I had to upload my animation about three hours late because their server was full, and they accepted that.

My upload got screwed up, it appears, when the site stopped accepting uploads. The file I was uploading started acting a bit strange, and though it said it had uploaded properly, I checked the info and it said that the version and file size were 0. I renamed it to and started uploading again. ETA is about 10:00 AM PST, two hours past the deadline.

If anyone gets in touch with FIRST about this, please let me know by posting here. I am anxious to learn what they will and will not accept, and about any possible extensions to the deadline.

how far do you think they’d be willing to extend the deadline?

I just got an error saying that the “Connection terminated abruptly.” It appears that my entry will be later than I had expected.

I do not know if they will allow entries that are submitted past the deadline, nor do I know who to contact to find out.

I got my video done befor the big rush. I put mine in friday night:D

I just recieved an email from an Autodesk employee who gave our team permission to re-upload the animation. If your team is having an issue, I would contact someone from Autodesk (there are email listings on Buzzsaw) to let them know.

Good luck teams,

can I please have that e-mail Ican’t find it on streamline
it is very important