Site Slow..

ChiefDelphi has been slow the past few days off & on.

When we got hacked last week, the problem wasn’t 100% removed.

I’m 90% sure I have it removed for good.

Wow, I was just about to PM you about this! Good timing :wink:

Thanks for keeping us updated, Brandon!

You we’re hacked? wow…I thought hackers had things more important to hack them a FIRST robotics forum…but ya never know (darn script kiddies). :stuck_out_tongue:

one would think that they had something better to do with their time. Hacking a site like this is about as low as hacking the live strong or St. Judes sites. Someone with that type of computer skils could be doing alot of good/ making alot of money, legally.

They’re called script kiddies for a reason. They live in their grandmas’ basements, and make useless scripts. They really need a life.

I bet you these people are younger than 21. Probably got ahold of a couple of tutorials and some skills in High School.

I’m still noticing some slowness with some things like the new pictures on the portal, and making a new post, and redirecting after thread subsrcription and soforth. It could be just me, but I don’t think it is.

Yeah, a few times today I havent been able to access the site. Once it was this morning around 9:00 Alaska time, the second was this evening between six and eight (time all kind of blends together while at robotics). You can do the math if you care.

There were two or three times today when I had to restart mysql/apache purposely. One time, it took longer than expected because they wouldn’t play nice when I turned them back on. (unexpected .htaccess errors)

All should be well, now. Also remember … when there are 250-275 people online, it’s not going to be as speedy as it usualy is. :slight_smile:

Were the site issues (it wasn’t loading for me or for the other people on Tigerbolt at the time) that occured shortly before 8 PM EST tonight due to server load or were they caused by a more nefarious issue?