Site Suggestion: Chat Client.

Yes, I know there is the seldom used #frc on freenode for IRC.

That said, I think the site should have a built-in chat client (like some other forums I am part of), so that users can get/give instant feedback on ideas and get/give instant help. I even know of a few chat clients that link to IRC channels, so it perhaps can even link to #frc.

Feel free to bash or give feedback, or move the topic to a more appropriate subforum if I put it in the wrong one if you are a mod.

I remember about 11 years ago the IRC chat on freenote getting somewhat lively at times. I don’t recall if we ever had one on here. I think it would be worthwhile to try again. I’m for it.

Oh joy, another excuse for me to spend even more time on this site…

In seriousness, I really like this idea. The community has grown, and checking the front page we have 300 users online on an offseason Sunday, so it probably would have plenty use. It looks like this one is one of the more popular vBulletin plugins for IRC, just after a five-second search.

I think it would be cool

In my opinion IRC is one of the best chat protocols out there. It is easy to parse and most clients are lightweight. I think a chatbox that links to #frc is a good idea.

What I don’t want to see is a shoutbox coded in PHP or whatnot that is run as a script on the server. This could be unsustainable with 300+ users.

I have used IRC for years and have yet to have a major complaint about it.

Perhaps embed KiwiIRC or something similar, then? KiwiIRC would end up being an IFrame, going to the KiwiIRC site.

Bump! I’d like to see if this can get enough backing to become a thing.

Please remember that some school policies might prevent this.

Not to be harsh, but if the thread hasn’t already taken off with a bunch of support then I don’t think bumping it is going to help.