Sitting Still Club 2014

What robots this year have a primary strategy involving staying in one spot?

We had a match where half our robot employed this strategy.


At the Minnesota Robotics State Championship we plan on using Secret Sauce. Should be a fun time :cool:

We used mecanum.

At our week 0 event, our swerve drive had problems and could hardly move… Er, I mean… we made the strategic decision to abstain from movement for most of the event

Ah yes, a classic strategy. Dominated Einstein in 2012. :wink:
(Sorry, it just had to be said.)

Yes, indeed.

Don’t forget that it was successfully executed in 2011 too.

Wow one more club to join.

We had some serious issue in out teleop code at our regional. The auto would work correctly, including the two ball auto.

Once teleop was started our robot would just sit there in all its LED glory.
We did this for 4 matches out of the 8 we had that day!
Funny thing is it was not in a row. One match the robot worked flawless, the next just sat for the entire teleop. It never failed when on the mini practice field when tethered.

One match our auto ball hit just a bit high and bounced back INTO our robot. Ya starting the teleop with a dead ball and dead robot was no fun… sorry everyone

We had several different team mentors take a look to no avail. So our programmer stayed up and rewrote the entire code.

Worked flawlessly from then on.

I posted the code here and was given some great suggestions ( THANKS CD ) on what it was.

Turns out that a pointer was made and then wasn’t set it to point to anything. Then a value was assigned for the value pointed to by the pointer. So this was assigning a value to random parts of the cRio memory.

Yup we lost the ability to assist in 1/3 our matches…


Too soon man, too soon. :frowning: