Six Flags Closes Astroworld

FINALLY! As many remeber, this delapadated place was the home of the FIRST Warp Party for 2003. Well, it’s closing, and not to surprising as it’s bascially a wasteland for old retired Six Flags rides.

I’m not suprised to hear this either. I really wasn’t too impressed in 2003, but I guess I was spoiled with Disney for 3 seasons before that too.

YAY!!! I got so lost when I was there in '03. All I could remember was wandering around for 45 minutes trying to find where dinner was and then trying to find the exit. Talk about a poorly executed park planning!

In fact, Astroworld is arranged in much the same way as many other theme parks and, all things considered, was planned pretty well. The park suffered because of an ongoing parking dispute with its neighbor, the Astrodome, and its friends. Two weeks ago, the dispute ended with Six Flags unable to continue using the stadiums’ parking lot for its park, forcing them to build a parking garage or abandon the park.

Attendance at the park has been faltering for years as Six Flags has not infused capital into the park. Why would they? There’s nowhere for anyone to park.

It’s sad to see a park go, even one that has come to be as underwhelming as Astroworld. What’s worse is that it may be first in a line of Six Flags parks to go under. I wouldn’t be too shocked to see in the future that Six Flags New Orleans closes, as does Six Flags America, Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and Six Flags Darien Lake.

I think America will stick as it’s the only park in that neck of the woods (PKD is 2 hours south), but the rest may close.

As much as I HATE the park, it will be sad seeing the only USA Pipeline coaster close. That was a unique experience. :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with Darien Lake?
They always seem to have good attendance.

…I hope Matt’s Comments in the podcast doesn’t have anything to do with it…
(couldn’t resist matt)

Well I wonder where all the parts are gonna end up now? Scattered throughout all the other parts? Scrap Metal? Made into robots?

Define pipeline coaster please? If it’s what I think you are talking about, there may be one in Six Flags New England.

There’s not.

Ultra Twister is one of a handful of Togo-designed pipeline coasters that are still operating. It was installed originally at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey for the 1985 season before being moved to Texas in 1990.

There is a good chance that some of Astroworld’s rides will be relocated, but because Ultra Twister is so old, it’s worth more as parts. It won’t ever operate again.

Sadly, the same is true of Greezed Lightnin’, which is a shame, really, because it’s a great ride in amazing condition. It’ll probably go for parts to maintain the handful of operating shuttle loop coasters scattered about the country – most likely its cousin in Kentucky.

Also, Ed – Darien Lake consistently underperforms. The Buffalo/Rochester market isn’t big enough to support a major regional theme park. Six Flags hasn’t spent much money there for just this reason. It does nothing for them.

Wow… sic coaster! That looks cool.
Yeah, by pipeline, I was thinkin’ the new water coaster in Six Flags NE which debuted this year.

Can’t find any good pics of it though… Have to take one next time I go there.
(horray for being a season pass holder)

Just a website with more renderings than real pics:

hmmmm I didn’t go because I was helping take the legs off our 2003 championship robot (teamed with 111 and 469) So I missed the opportunity to go…haha. I instead went to papasitos with the engineers and had dinner. If anyone is in Houston again I highly recommend that place.


That is a ProSlide Tornado. They’re in danger of disappearing as they’re, in fact, popping up like weeds all over the place.

That was by far the best part of the park. Awesome ride, awesome memories.