Six Word Stories - FIRST Edition!

It has been said that Ernest Hemingway’s greatest work was a story he wrote consisting only of six words:
“For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

Inspired by Hemingway, as well as this site attributed to nothing but six word stories, I have decided to create the six word stories - FIRST edition thread. Basically, a sentence related to FIRST in only six words.
I’ll start it off.

Students engineer success; GDC goes again.

Sitting watching IRI; Match 1 triple

Devoutly watching IRI: Co-op bridge broken?

Watching IRI- waiting for double triple!

6 week season; sleep deprivation rampant.

One more will win … No comms.

IRI awsome. Much better than Newton.

Short attention span serves me well

Robotics Theme: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Red ahead. Blue ahead. Red ahead.

Spontaneous standing ovation at IRI quarterfinals.

Separate situation, not to be confused.

ATA took 148 across the field - !!?!?!!?!!

IRI is over, come to CAGE.