Size limitations of 2X Yellow Ball

Hi guys.

I posted a question to the FIRST Q&A about the yellow ball that was included in the kit. We inflated our KOP yellow ball to 30" diameter. It was straining at that diameter. Then, upon performing simple movements with it, the ball burst (popped).

Supposedly, this is a 34" diameter ball which is supposed to be inflated to 30" for game play. It really seemed like our ball was a smaller diameter to start with.

Anyone else have the same issue?

This is slightly off the subject, but does anyone know where the 34" yellow balls and 13" purple balls can be ordered???

yes, that is off subject, and yes, ours is REALLY stretched at 30". it will tear at just about anything

Please keep discussions on-topics, or at the very least search before posting.

We have the same situation. FIRST has stated that the correct ball was supplied, but I have a hard time believing that. Our ball is currently drum-tight at 26", I can not imagine trying to inflate it to 30". What will happen - new balls (the correct size) shipped to all teams, or a change in the game specs?

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RoboDox, 599

Ours inflated fine. I also too thought it was going to pop. Our ball is inflated to 30’’ and is rather stuffed with air LOL

It looks as if its inflated fully between 22-26’’ but keep on filling it up slowly from there!

Also the plug is located in a small bag that contains 1 white plug and a plastic nozzle. We found ours in the bag that contains the small ball. The small ball is just like a basket ball and does not require a plug.

TIP: put some soap on the nozzle because it is very hard to get in. Just make sure its inflated to the right size first otherwise you cant easily get it out!

An engineer of another team here in So. Cal says the 30" ball is the same (or maybe similar) to an exercise ball he has. He says that the inflation instructions for that ball said to partially inflate it, and then wait a day before fully inflating it. Could be that the rubber/plastic needs time to relax before it will comfortably stretch to the 30" size.

We had the same issue. Why if it is a 34" ball, only partially inflated at 30’’, would it pop? Doesnt seem to make sense. We got it to 24’’ then stopped becuase it seemed firm. But I think we will try again to fill it letting the ball stretch.

I remember having to do the same thing with the balls from 1998.

I asked Sport-Fun - their Yellow Ball is the 34" ball.

FIRST did ship the correct ball.

The recommendation to inflate, wait a day and then inflate some more was a great one and worked well for us.