Size of Exercise Ball

The exercise ball that came in our kit is required to be inflated to approximately 25-26 inches in order for the fabric on the ball to be completely stretched around the ball. We were under the impression that the ball was supposed to be 24 inches in diameter and were curious if anybody else has found that the ball in their kit stretches to a size larger or smaller than 24 inches for the fabric to fit tightly around the ball?

We had to inflate it to almost 25 inches for our ball.

Our ball with a robust fill measured 25 inch diameter.

It would be helpful if more teams posted the diameter of their game pieces.

A good method for measuring the ball is to wrap a piece of string around the circumference and do the math for diameter.

I find when our ball is fully inflated to what I seem is safe and a nice tight fit of the fabric around the bladder we measure in at 23 7/8’’ to 24’’ depending on who did the measuring. It would be really nice if it was a set limit by first, not just “when fully inflated the ball will measure this”.

The replacement bladders are 25 inches

Our ball inflates to a little over 2’ in diameter, but I think that’s because on the Sportogo website ( they sell it as a 25" ball.

What I’m wondering is if FIRST was intending for the balls to be 24" and made the fabric a bit smaller than the ball, which might have prompted the vague inflation instructions about just pumping until the fabric is taunt but not stretched. Either way it seems like a PSI value would have been much easier to implement instead of having to make a specific segment on ball inflation, unless they wanted teams to be able to handle game pieces that slightly varied.