Size of Nationals

Posted by Ken Loyd at 04/11/2001 11:21 PM EST

Coach on team #64, Gila Monsters, from Highland High School and Genreal Motors Desert Proving Grounds.

If we are worried about the number of teams at Nationals becomming “out of hand”, what about an East and a West quarter final with some ratio of teams from each quarter final, depending upon their ranking, proceeding to Florida. You could use the Mississippi River as a dividing line.

Ken Loyd
Team #64

Posted by julia walsh at 04/12/2001 7:45 AM EST

Other on team #191, XCATS, from Wilson Magnet School and xerox.

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Posted by Ken Loyd on 04/11/2001 11:21 PM EST:

The problem with that is airfare and accomodations. We make our air reservations in the fall so that we can afford to come.
Good thought - if the venue were to change so that we could travel to a less popular site - then perhaps that would be a good alternative.
I liked the divisions this year!
I particularly enjoyed the chariot concession rounds outside!!
Julia team #191

Posted by Billy Mallard at 04/12/2001 11:42 PM EST

Student on team #254, the Cheesy Poofs, from Bellarmine College Prep and NASA.

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Posted by Ken Loyd on 04/11/2001 11:21 PM EST:

I think that a large part of the nationals experience is being in a place filled with so many teams from around the country. To me, that would kill a large part of the whole FIRST experience. After working nonstop on the robot for six weeks, an event of that magnitude is something to look forward to. The more teams the better.

–> Billy