Size of platform?

The manual states that the platform is 44x36 inches, but the blueprints seem to show it as 41x32.5.

Which is correct? I didn’t see any Q&A threads.

(also: is the tunnel 16.5" or 17.5" or 18" or WHAT?)


Measurements from kickoff showed the tunnel to be 17.5". Not sure on the platform dimensions.

It seems that the cheaper mock field has different dimensions, as our team realized that also a couple of days ago.
Take it to Q/A and I’m sure they’ll clarify it.
We didnt follow up as it wont affect what we plan on doing and for practice.
However, if a team needs to somehow go on the platform as a widebot, that may/may not pose an issue.

Thanks for the comments… this looks like a job for the Q&A.

Our team thought the cheap mock field had different dimensions, but the official game drawings are the same: 41x32.5

I was trying to figure out the exact dimensions of the TOWER, and discovered that sheets 2 and 3 are missing from Drawing GE-10030. They determine the height of the top rails. (edit: and the horizontal rollers, which are on the bars across the front and rear edges of the platform)

Generally the descriptions and dimensions in the ARENA section of the manual are iffy, you need to study the field drawings carefully to determine how the field elements are actually built.

One other thing, the platform should be 41.5" wide. The plywood top is 41" wide, but there is a 1/4" thick piece of plastic that wraps around each edge.

Check out the third Team Update; looks like the drawings were correct.

That settles it, then :slight_smile:


I want to know what is the real dimension of the tunnel?

Is 36-inch wide by 18-inch tall or it is wrong?

Thank you

In the manual under the Arena specs about the tower it says that the ceiling of the tunnel opening is 18" tall by 36" wide but the construction drawings tell you to build the opening 16.5" tall. The question is which is right?

Update #3 AND Section 6.1 both state that if there is a conflict between the drawings and Section 6, the drawings win.

The drawings also contain a Tower base piece that seems to add 1.5" to the height of the tunnel, so I don’t think there’s a conflict there.

The official field drawings call for the tunnel to be built to be 16.5" inside height, but as previously noted, it sits on a 1.5" C-Channel and .25" base plate. Also there is a carpeted plywood floor protector sitting on top of the field carpet which then reduces your clearance by a half inch plus one carpet thickness…

Field building tolerances being what they are, you could find your robot stuck inside if it’s more than 17 to 17.5" tall.