Do the pnuematic arms on the front of the robot count as part of the 36 inches.:confused:

Yes. Image your robot has to fit into a 30"x36"x60" box and the only thing that wouldn’t fit would be bumpers. Image that because you really have to put into a box during inspection.

Remember that if you can fold your arms in (or any other parts), they can be extended or opened up after you are powered up on the field. You just have to be able to close it all up to a maximum of 30 x 36 x 60 inches. We have at least 3 major parts that fold up, fold in and telescope down for the fit into the box at inspection, but they open back up, flop open and telescope up in competition.

When you get to competition your robot will have to go through inspection before being allowed to compete. During this inspection you be required to place your robot inside a box whose internal dimensions are the robot overall limits. (the robot will be weighed at the same time.) If it does not pass inspection for any reason you will have to correct and retest before competing.