sizes of the 2008 KOP boxes

I know it doesn’t tell us much but here are the dimensions of the containers of the KOP this year.

2 plastic totes-each 27" x 17" x 12" - each weighing 70 lbs.
2 boxes from IFI. One is 36" x 4" x 9". The second is 12" x 16" x ?"

It’s just just more fuel for the rumor mill. This will at least help folks decide whether their trunk is big enough :slight_smile:

That’s pretty darn standard. In the past, the totes have been the motors, pneumatics, batteries, loose stuff. The long box from IFI would be KitBot. The other box is the control system; it’s no more than 6" deep. Nothing new here (other than BOTH boxes weighing 70 pounds–bring a dolly or cart).

That’s a two-freshman lift, isn’t it?

Only stacked up. Better have them practice on a full-weight robot for a few days. (Then, you carry the other two boxes.)

The one interesting thing I note: the IFI box that seems to hold the Kitbot has funny dimensions. I don’t remember last year’s box being 4"x9", and historically the kitbot has been 38" on its longest ends if I remember correctly. Maybe IFI got a deal on boxes.

you dont even need the freshman or the carts just use muscle it work for later in the season when you need to move the bot around odd corners and areas that dont alow carts or dollies

I’ve never before noticed that the KoP totes weigh 70 pounds each; as I always just picked them up myself and moved them around without second thought. Then again I’ve done enough work with concrete to not really care about picking up 80lb concrete bags.

I noticed–I helped distribute the kits at the 2005 Southern California kickoff. I preferred one color of kit tote due to it being lighter. I also liked having a dolly there to just swing the tote onto.

yes, as I recall the red tote was much lighter.


yea i remember my fellow team member saying “take the blue one its lighter” only to get very angry minutes later.

wow, you’re right
i wonder if that means that our chassis dimensions has a maximum of 36 inches this year???/ :ahh:

This year, the black tote is lighter. But not by much.

After a long day yesterday of moving around 44 kits, let me suggest wholeheartedly that HAND TRUCKS ARE GOOD! The gray tote with the non-spillable battery is carry-able, but if you have more than a 5-minute walk to the car/truck, it’ll require multiple hands without one.

Have fun today!
Happy Kickoff!