Skid Marks

I was wondering if it is legal for a robot to leave skid marks on the carpet? I have searched and searched for this answer, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. In the rules, it says that bunching up or puckering the carpet is considered damage, but nothing about tire marks. Any help you could give us would be great! Thanks

I’d have to say its a ref’s judgement call. If the skidmarks actually harden the carpet or make the surface different enough that its easily felt then it would probably be ruled damaging.

however, if the marks just alter the color and the texture stays relatively the same so that robots don’t bump or turn as they try to go past the mark then it would probably be concidered fine.

ya… having some problems here too
We have a set of wheels that can really give lots of traction but it is making marks on the carpet. I’m not sure if it is considered damage to the playing field.