Skills Challenge Data Gathering

I wanted to gather some Skills Challenge data and couldn’t find an existing topic for it, so I made a form for teams to share their highest and average scores. The form should be open for anyone to view the stats. If I get enough responses I’d love to come back and share a spreadsheet with all the data.

Skills challenge data is already being shared as it is posted in the official system.

You can get to it through the FRC Events page. It is easy to get directly to it for a specific group using the URL:<event code>/rankings

These pages display the computed scores by default, but the raw data can be viewed by clicking a button at the bottom of the page.

People are already scraping these pages and consolidating the data for easier viewing and analysis. Here is a thread with a very nice Google Sheet.

A few teams have posted data, most before it was known that the data would be publicly viewable. There will be more teams post early, but I expect that quite a few teams will be holding back until the last minute. If your goal is to win your group, posting scores to beat might not be the best strategy.

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ah, thanks!

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