Skills Challenge Opt-In

How exactly do we go about opting in for the Skills Challenge after we have submitted our Judged awards? Is there anything specific that we have to do in the portal, such as locking in our submission before March 4 even though we do not have any runs to submit yet and waiting for the portal to reopen, or are we just locked in after submitting our Judged awards? is where you should go to opt in. There is a specific tab for the skills component, and will only be available for Opt-in if you have the judging component Opted-in (which sounds like you do).

@Aaron_Li could you provide a screen shot where that is? We have submitted IR@H but I don’t see anything about Skills Challenge

If you go there and enter using the code from the dashboard of Mentor 1 or 2, you should see a tab for the skills component:

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Ah, got it. Had to go back to the page where you log in and instead of using the username/password credentials, I had to go in with the Team Number/Code from dashboard credentials to get to the Opt-in page.

Thanks for your help


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