Skills Challenge Overlay Stopwatch

Has anyone found a good Stopwatch Overlay to use when recording their Skills challenges? Thinking I would like to use OBS, but having an issue finding something that I can get installed correctly

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We used Davinci Resolve to do it. Resolve is a free video editor.

Here is a quick guide that shows how -


Here’s how we do it. Includes links to stopwatch files.


Wow, these are great methods. Anyone tried to add a timer at the actual recording?

An update. I found a Free Stopwatch program, called just that “Free Stopwatch”. Was able to embed that in OBS as a Window.

I am going to overlay this video of an online digital stopwatch. Feel free to use it - I recorded it for 5 minutes so it should work for each challenge.

Timer MP4 - Google Drive Download

If using a video of a stopwatch, make sure that your video editing software can deal correctly with potentially mismatched frame rates in clips. The stopwatch video from @ahaltom is at 30 frames/sec. If you have recorded challenge video at 24 frames/sec, 60 frames/sec, or some other rate, your software will need to sync the timecodes across clips to include the stopwatch video. Most editors probably handle this OK, but just take a moment to make sure it does. Lack of sync between 24 and 30 could be missed on casual glance.


LiveSplit is a really common stopwatch for video game speedrunning. Includes a lot of other cool features for speedrunning, which may be useful since speedrunning is pretty similar to timed skills challenges.

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I wrote a little Python program which runs a big timer on a laptop, which we then stick in view of the camera when we are recording. The one nice feature is that it starts the timer when the robot is enabled, by reading a value in NetworkTables (we added it to our robot code). So for timing, we run the video after and read off the needed times.

Happy to share if you want it.

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Is there a way to change the last two digits to count hundredths of a second? The timer seems to be counting frames in the tutorial you linked. (counting up to 23 before rolling over rather than 99)

I’m not sure, we’ll have to experiment, we only did our power port challenge video, so we were just keeping things under 1 min.

As far as I know, there is no direct way to make the timecode display as hundredths of a second in Resolve. I’m constantly amazed at what can be done in Fusion, and maybe there is some tricky way to do it there. However, in the Text+ effect, I think it’s limited to seconds and frames.

If you record in slo-motion at something like 240 frames/sec, Resolve can import that at 60 frames/sec so you are getting closer to hundredths of a second, but still not there.

Our videos are all edited in Resolve. We use the Text+ effect and end the timer “clip” at the end time of the challenge. We then add another Text+ box starting then and overlay the computation of hundredths of seconds on the video with static text, (e.g “3 seconds + 44/60 = 3.73 seconds” ).


I downloaded this (thanks) and found it has almost .7s dead space at the front, so if you sync it to the beginning of your run you’ll display a time that’s faster than it should be.

edit: I found this to be true with our videos and the program we’re using. I’m no expert so people using different programs may have different results. Not trying to imply any shenanigans.

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