Skipping tests when building outside vscode (IdeaJ/GradleRIO)

I am working on some unit tests for some of our code.

I can see in vscode where I can turn running tests when building on and off. I see where it modifies the wpilib.skipTests setting in .vscode/settings.json.

When I run the gradle build task under IdeaJ, it seems to always run the tests, regardless of what is in .vscode/settings.json.

If running outside vscode, does gradle still look at .vscode/settings.json? How do I turn off running the tests whenever a build occurs?

Have you tried running gradlew assemble instead of gradlew build? In IntelliJ, I just add a Gradle Run/Debug Configuration for my project, and specify the task (clean, test, build, deploy, etc).

thanks. the assemble task was what I needed.

One other thing I forgot;
If you want to write some unit tests that involve the command scheduler (and haven’t gotten it going yet), PM me and I’ll send you a few helper classes I’ve made. I’d post it publicly if the repo was in a cleaned up state.

Thanks. I can wait; our existing tests are for testing smaller components, but please let me (or this thread know) when you have your repo to the point you are comfortable sharing.

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