Skunk Works 1983 Coach Position

Skunk Works Robotics team 1983 of Raisbeck Aviation High School in Seattle Washington is currently seeking a FIRST Robotics Head Coach. The team meets twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the offseason, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. During the build and competition season (January – April), the coach will work with students M-Th evenings 6p -9p and on Saturdays 9a-3:30p to complete the robot. Fridays, Sundays and longer hours may be needed. 3-4 district competitions are held after the build, including several overnight trips. If the team qualifies for Worlds, there is an out of state trip in April. Skunk Works has a history of being one of the most prepared and gracious teams at the events, gladly lending expertise, parts, and tools to other teams. There is a coaching stipend available for the position.

Responsibilities for the position:
o Work with students to create a high functioning robot in 6 weeks during build season
o Support students as they design and build, having the knowledge needed to answer questions, but allowing student voice in final decisions
o Display and teach the values of FIRST, Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism, to the students.
o Work with an assistant coach to manage the team in regards to the administrative duties of the team
o Act as a guide when needed for students but push them to work with mentors and solve issues themselves first
o Work with industry mentors to help them teach and guide students in various areas such as electrical, programming, drive team, etc.
o Foster a culture that promotes outreach to expand the mission of FIRST and interest in STEM in the district, community and society.

Desired Qualifications:
o Knowledge of the FIRST Program or willingness to learn about it if necessary
o Knowledge of the RAHS Skunk Works 1983 team, or willingness to learn about its history and success
o The skill to let the students run as much of the team as they can but being there support students and mentors
o Positive and collaborative leadership skills in leading students and mentors as well as working with parents and community members
o Engineering background and or Coaching/Teaching background

If you are interested please contact

When I was in high school. I was always excited to see 1983 on the team roster for an event, but nervous to see them behind the glass on the opposite side of the field. If I were done getting my degree I would probably be applying for this position, but it doesn’t really make sense for me right now. I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you find someone good to fill the position!